My focus on these pages

What can you expect in these pages?

I have been a technologist all along. Coding new products, architecting platforms, and evaluating digital products. As much as I believe, ‘software is eating the world’ and proud of it, I have focused most on the software part of it and not on the world part of the phrase.

In the recent years, I have started to learn the world part of it. The impact that technology has on business. The changes that technology brings in societies.

Both of these don’t have to be abstract, academic, or arcane. We can spread our ideas by mastering story telling. Take any big idea that has survived for thousands of years. It survived because someone enveloped it with a story and passed to others.

This is what I’m attempting in these pages, not only with words but with images. A good story should evoke more than one sense. I hope to touch at least two senses.

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